There are people we meet on our journey through this life that we never forget. For me Jacob Nowland is one of those people. He is a mountain man, buck skinner, horseman, singer and poet. Jacob, like me, is getting along in years and he sent me this poem he wrote that puts meaningful words to his autumn of life. – J. Wayne Fears

MY Autumn Ride
by Jacob M. Nowland

The night makes way for mornin’ light

The day has just begun

At the pasture’s gate I anticipate

Some warmth from the rising sun

The breeze is cool, there ain’t no dew

There’s autumn in the air 

My favorite time of year is here

As I whistle for the mare.

She comes to me as if she knows

 And she knows a thing or two

 I saddle up and off we go

Just like we always do.

And as I ride these woodland trails

I’m glad I made this choice

The saddle squeaks, and nature speaks

To me in a whispered voice.

“This beautiful day you’re ridin’ in

is part of God’s own plan

 He changes seasons in the year

And seasons in the man.

Now you’ve come far and you’ve done well

But there’s one last thing to say

Your leaves are brown, they’re floatin’ down

Your winter’s on it’s way.”

I think awhile, then with a smile

I scratch my bearded chin

And thank the Lord for the wonderful gift

 Of this cycle that I’m in.

The autumn of my life is here 

But I have no regret

I’ll make my ride to the other side

But wait, it ain’t winter yet!

My beard is white, my eyes are dim

My back’s a little sore

From tryin’ to do all the things 

That I can’t do no more.

But I thank the One who made me free

To set my own life’s course 

To slip my boot into a stirrup

And mount up on a horse!